Top 3 Time Tracking Applications

Time can easily slip through our fingers when you aren’t paying attention to it! Fortunately, there are many time tracking applications that have been created for all of us who want to understand how the properly manage our workdays. Of course, time tracking apps are also being used by people who need to measure the amount of time they spend while working at particular projects.

time tracking

Klok was created for those of us who do not want to work for free – and my guess is that many people fall into this category ;). Once you realize that every minute is important, and that time is actually a product, time tracking becomes much more important. Basically, when you waste your minutes without being paid, you start giving your very own product away.

Time is needed and valuable, so you’d better start measuring it today. Of course, when the time spent doing different tasks is being measured, one can see the inefficient sectors, and thus can improve performance. Klok has a free version as well, and full application licenses can be bought online, via Paypal. The installation program is a very simple one; the license key will be sent via email once the purchase is made.

Manic Time is another fantastic time tracking app. And it’s an app that’s very easy to use indeed! Manic Time tracks how you spend time on your computer, and then analyses it. Your workday will be divided into Activity, Applications and Tags. A simple mouse button click will display your time spending patterns.

The app is marketed as being a very useful tool for those of us that need to bill a certain client, based on the amount of time worked for him or her. Manic Time is also able to tell when you have started to work at a certain project, the number and length of the breaks, and so on.

Manic Time records how you use your computer, the software programs that have been used, the web sites that have been visited, the documents the owner has been working on, and so on. The recorded info will be stored on your computer. A 100% free version with a limited set of features is available.

SlimTimer is another time tracking app. Its creator needed a way of tracking his own working hours, so he started to develop the app. One can freely sign up for an account and then can start creating tasks.

The time spent working with a certain program can be easily measured. You can also run reports that show your everyday activity. Once a task is created, it can be shared with your colleagues.

The app is usually recommended to people that create timesheets or tasks on a regular basis, because the reports can also be exported as Excel spreadsheets.

The key advantage of this app is its simplicity. This feature recommends it for people who want to track their time in a simple manner, on a daily basis.