Louis Kraml announces a BMH Recruiting Campaign

Louis Kraml, CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital, announces a recruiting campaign which is targeting doctors that are close to the completion of their residency. The ideal candidates are Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic residents, who are known for their high work and ethical standards.

The recruiting campaign is another step in BMH’s plan to offer the highest quality, medical-related services in Idaho, by bringing the patient care service quality to the best standards once again. Bingham Memorial has launched not only a media campaign that supports this initiative, but also a dedicated landing page where the potential candidates can learn more about this project.

louis kraml bmhLouis Kraml, who is also the administrator of the hospital, has declared: “we have a great team of specialists at Bingham Memorial, but we are always interested in hiring even more physicians. Unlike most hospitals, BMH is a place where we also value the personal life of our doctors, understanding that they need to unwind at the end of a tiring day by spending quality time with their family and friends, engaging in outdoor activities, being an important part of various communities, and more. We do our best to help our doctors have a good balance when it comes to work / recreational activities”.

Fortunately, the state of Idaho is well known for the various outdoor activities that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year, no matter if we are talking about horse riding, biking, hiking, snowboarding rafting, kayaking, and so on.

Idaho has a long tradition for being a great working place; not only that, but this year it has ranked number one, being the best place to practice medicine according to Physicians Practice, a publication that offers practice management help and resources for close to 200,000 American physicians. It is the second year in a row when Idaho has won the first place, being preferred by the doctors because of its affordable prices and the flexibility of the medical system in the region.

The evaluation was done by taking six different criteria into account. The first one was the cost of living, which is defined as the cost that is required in order to maintain a specific living standard. Of course, since the standards of the individuals have a dynamic structure, the cost of living can change significantly as the time goes by. In addition to this, there are important cost of living (COL) variations from one country to the other.

The second evaluation criterion was the tax burden, also known as tax incidence; it is called a “burden” because it will “fall” on a specific group that will actually have to support this burden, paying the tax. The taxes in America are shared equally by the employers and by the employees.

The third criterion which has put Idaho to the top of the list was the malpractice payout per capita. “The total amount of money that was paid for malpractice was about 20.5 million dollars; as a comparison, the state of New York had to pay over 677 million dollars in 2012”, said Mr. Louis Kraml.

The rest of the criteria had to do with cases where the authorities had to take disciplinary actions against some of the physicians; the small value of this important factor has highlighted Idaho as a potential winner. Finally, Medicare’s geographic practice cost index (GPCI) and the number of physicians per square mile were the last two criteria that have pushed Idaho to the top of the list.

According to Louis Kraml, “Bingham Memorial Hospital is definitely a good proof that Idaho’s first place is well deserved. Due to the existence of the numerous associated clinics, BMH offers a broad range of medical services for all its patients. No matter if we are talking about children or people that are interested in getting treatment for medical conditions that are associated with aging, Bingham Memorial offers them access to the best services, while allowing the doctors to have the best conditions not only for the development of their medical careers, but also for activities that can be practiced together with the loved ones”.